TrackJS offers several options for notifications If you navigate to the notifications administration page, you will be able to customize which notifications you receive and how they’re delivered.


Notifications are sent to “channels”. We currently support email, Slack and Hipchat. The channel list is on the right-hand side of the page. You may see your existing channels, the number of notifications they’re subscribed to, and the ability to create new channels.

Notification Types

Daily Summaries

Every night after 12:00 UTC we send a daily summary via email. This notification contains error rate, error delta, top errors for various categories and other information. It’s a rollup view of the previous 24 hours. It can only be sent to email channels.

New Errors

We will send a notification to all specified channels whenever we encounter a never-before-seen error message. You may also customize this, and have it only alert if more than one user is affected. This is handy when a single user is responsible for many one-off errors.

Sometimes being notified every time there is a new error can be noisy. This is particularly true on high traffic sites when there are hundreds or thousands of unique error messages. To combat that, we offer trending error notifications. We will only notify you if we see an uptick in a particular error. That is, the error was previously seen, but it is now occurring more frequently.

We will only notify if the error has moved more than 10 places. We will also notify if there’s a new error that is in the top 10 most common errors on your site. In order to keep noise to a minimum, we require an error to be seen a minimum of 10 times before it’s eligible for alerting.

You can also notify only in the case of more than one user affected:

Error Rate Increase

We will send you a notification if we see your error rate for an application increase 20% above the previous high-water mark. We look back several days to ensure it’s not just a cyclical traffic increase. Please note that if your incoming error rate is high enough to cause throttling, the error rate increase alerts may also be affected.

Notifications by Application

If you have set up more than on application, we allow you to control all notification types on a per application basis. You may also select different channels for each application.