Ignoring Errors

Our goal is to help you find and fix as many errors as possible. Sometimes though, an error is creating noise but not causing customer impact. In that case you may want to filter that error out at ingestion time by creating an “ignore rule” in the TrackJS UI.

Viewing Rules

If you go to the ignore rule administration page you’ll see a list of all current ignore rules, and the number of errors which have been ignored by each rule for the past 24 hours or so.

Creating a Rule

There are a number of ways to create an ignore rule. The easiest is to click the ignore button (Which always contains the eye slash icon ) on either the grouping screen, or the filtered screen.

Grouping Screen

If you navigate to a top level grouping screen, like messages, and hover over an error row, you’ll see a few action icons appear. If you click the top one, you will create a new ignore rule, AND delete all current instances of that error.

Filtered Screen

If you drilled in to an error by message, you can also ignore that error from the “filtered” page.

Custom Ignore Rules

If you’d like a little more control of your ignore rules, you can visit the the ignore rule administration page and create custom rules. Here you can create rules that filter on additional fields. You can also create rules which will match partial terms instead of exact.