Multiple Applications

Often times you’ll have more than one application you want to track errors for. This could be multiple websites in production, or multiple environments (dev, QA, prouction) of the same application. TrackJS supports the notion of an “application”, which is just a descriptive name and a key value that gets passed in for each error. We segregate the UI by application so you can see your dashboard and other screens separately. You will also receive notifications and daily email summaries per application.

Creating Applications

To manage applications, go to the application administration page

When you create a new application, you’re asked for a few simple pieces of data. The screen will update with information on how to supply your tracker configuration with the application key.

Switching Between Applications

On most pages you’ll see an application switcher toolbar. This will allow you to change your view to see a specific application:

You can get an overview of how your applications are performing by visiting the application administration screen. Here you can see the number of page views and the number of errors for the last 24 hours, for all of your applications.