1. Integrating with Angular 1.X

    Attach TrackJS to the Angular exceptionHandler.

  2. Integrating with Angular 2+

    Attach TrackJS to the Angular ErrorHandler.

  3. Integrating with Backbone

    Wrap Backbone objects for thrown errors.

  4. Integrating with Ember

    Integrate TrackJS with the Ember error events.

  5. Integrating with Sencha ExtJS

    Integrate TrackJS with the ExtJS error events.

  6. Integrating with React and Redux

    Attach TrackJS to React Error Boundaries and forward Redux state changes.

  7. Integrating with RequireJS

    Integrate TrackJS with the RequireJS AMD system.

  8. Integrating with Vue

    Integrate TrackJS with the Vue error events.

  9. Using TrackJS in Web Workers

    How to install and use the TrackJS agent in workers.