Deleting Errors

You can delete errors from an individual error occurrence, or a rollup report for any of the error properties. For example, if you “Delete All” from a URL report, you will delete all errors from that URL, regardless of message, browser, user, or other properties.

Errors are deleted asynchronously, and it might take up to 60 seconds for all of the errors matching your request to be removed. Deleting errors does not prevent new errors with the same property from being captured.

The delete action removes the errors from our storage system. Deleted errors are not recoverable.

When To Use Delete

You should delete errors that are not longer valuable for you to record. It is particularly useful if you have just deployed fixes to your system and you expect the errors to be resolved.

Alternatively, you can also track error resolution by providing a version for your application and filtering your UI.

You may also want to delete errors that are caused by a noisy individual user, such as a user browsing your site with a buggy browser extension.