Here are some things to check if you are having trouble getting started. If you cannot find an answer to your question, send us an email anytime.

Agent Must Be Installed

If you are attempting to call one of the Agent Methods, but seeing an error in the console that TrackJS: Agent must be installed, then check:

  • The call to TrackJS.install() must occur before any other methods may be called. Make sure that your code where the agent is installed executes as early as possible. See Installation for more.

Already Installed

The agent can only be installed once into the document, and only the first call to TrackJS.install() is processed. If you are seeing TrackJS: already installed. in your console, then check:

  • Search your code for TrackJS.install, make sure it is only being called once.
  • Check that any browser plugins you may be using are not injecting TrackJS onto the page.

Missing Token

When you load the page, you see an error in console that TrackJS: missing token, then check:

  • Your call to TrackJS.install() includes the required token property. If you inject the token from your configuration dynamically, make sure that the injection is working.

Monitoring Disabled in Node

The agent has been installed in a NodeJS environment, perhaps as part of an isomorphic web rendering. The agent does not currently support the NodeJS environment and will not record errors. It has safely disabled itself and will not impact your application.

No Data

If you have have attempted to send an error using TrackJS.track(), but you do not see any data in your TrackJS Dashboard, then check the following things:

  • Confirm you have used the correct token for your account when calling TrackJS.install().
  • Once TrackJS.track() has been called, do you see a network request to the Capture API.
  • If you have setup Application Segments, make sure you are sending the correct application key when calling TrackJS.install().
  • Check your Dashboard Filters to make sure you are showing the Application, Domains, Time Ranges, and other facets that might exclude your errors from view.

NOTE Some adblockers with aggressive settings may block the reporting of errors. If your Capture requests are failing, make sure your adblocker is disabled.

TrackJS is not Defined

If you are attempting to call one of the Agent Methods, but seeing a ReferenceError in console that TrackJS is not defined, then check:

  • If you are bundling the agent as a module, make sure that the agent code has been included and loaded before attempting to use it.
  • If you are referencing the agent as a script, make sure the script tag is as early in the load order as possible. Ideally it should be the first <script> on the page.
  • Make sure you have your adblockers disabled. Aggressive adblockers may prevent the agent from loading.

Script Error

If your errors in the TrackJS Dashboard are missing context and only showing the message Script error, then check:

  • If you are loading your JavaScript from a different origin domain than your document, the Same-Origin Policy of the browser will obfuscate the errors. You can decorate the script tags with the attribute cross-origin="anonymous" to bypass this policy
  • Check out our Forensic Report on Script Error for more info.