TrackJS Data API

We provide an HTTP based API so you can programmatically retrieve and analyze your data. It’s your data, you should be able to do whatever you want with it.

To get started, check out the API Access section in the TrackJS account menu. Please note you need to be an account owner to see your credentials.


In order to authenticate with the API you need to know your customer ID and API key.

Your customer ID is placed as the first url segment of every request, while the API key is provided as the value of the Authorization header.

curl -H "Authorization: {API_KEY}" "{CUSTOMER_ID}/v1/errors"

If it is inconvenient to specify a header, you may also include the API Key on the url as a query string parameter with the name key



Errors v1/errors Returns a list of your errors, sorted by date decending.

Errors by day v1/errors/daily Returns counts of errors by day, sorted by date descending.

Errors by message v1/errors/messages Returns counts of errors by message, sorted by count descending.

Errors by url v1/errors/urls Returns counts of errors by url, sorted by count descending.

Page views by day v1/hits/daily Returns counts of page views by day, sorted by date descending.

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